Alphas in a Row

Alphas are the little alphabet ‘stickers’ that look really cool on your scrapbook pages. Do alphas mystify you? It’s simple to put them to use, simply drag the letters you need onto your layout. Drag them all in and if they seem too big for the space you have, select them all and drag a […]

Organizer 2

New Features in Photoshop Elements Organizer 13

Each year Adobe Photoshop Elements has a new version with loads of new features. Here’s the highlight for the Organizer portion of the software. For those of you who prefer a written tutorial, here’s the step by step. New Features in Photoshop Elements Organizer Begin by opening Photoshop Elements 13 and choosing the Organizer. When you open […]


How to import photos from your camera or card reader

Experts say the average person takes 150 photos a year. Really? I think that’s an understatement. Each day we are adding to the collections on our phones, cameras and tablets. It can get a little overwhelming… BUT there’s a way to keep all your photos safe and secure and easy to browse. Photoshop Elements! Photoshop Elements is […]

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