Big Ideas with Stacy Julian

Join Stacy Julian and Melissa Shanhun to chat about scrapbooking, being present in the moment, the world of online classes and the {free} Big Idea Festival.

Stacy became a scrapbooker years ago and became the founding editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. Stacy's book Big Picture started her on a journey that lead to pioneering online education classes. That same book was the first scrapbooking book I bought and Stacy's ideas and passion have inspired me and thousands of scrapbookers around the globe.

But more than being a leading light in our industry Stacy is friendly and colourful woman with an open heart. She inspired me to splash out on colourful paper serviettes - which I now keep on hand for those days when life needs a little colour!

Listen in for more from Stacy.


Stacy's Top Tip for Inspiration

Create memories by being engaged and present in your daily life. It's fun to create and finish a scrapbook page, but the true joy comes from awareness.

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More about Big Idea Festival

Join over 6000 enthusiastic scrapbookers to enjoy two weeks of creating and sharing over at Big Picture Classes

It's Going to Be Big!

This September, step right up to the Big Picture "Big Top" for a FREE 14-day festival filled with big ideas, big prizes, and big fun!

Grab a front-row seat; you won't want to miss the spectacle of the season. Seven of your favorite BPC instructors are teaming up with seven surprise instructors—who will be unveiled on opening night—to share their biggest big ideas with you.

While we can't guarantee that there will be elephants and acrobats, there will certainly be energy and excitement to spare. Register now for your chance to join in the hullabaloo and share your big ideas, too.

It's going to be, well, BIG.

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