Week in the Life Down Under: Saturday Words and Pictures

Week in the Life Saturday 2015-01

6:45 start on Saturday. Lucy can just stretch to read the microwave in the toy kitchen 7:30 I did my weekly Wii Fit weigh in and ate breakfast. Which was a decadent serve of pancakes and berries. I do wonder if Phill cooked these just because he knew I’d take photos! Due to sickness it… [Continue reading]

Week in the Life Down Under: Friday Words and Pictures

Excitement as we check out out books

When Lucy woke up wheezing and Emily said her ear was sore I knew it was time to head to the Dr. It took 15 attempts to get through the Dr and book in for both girls at 1:30pm Emily had both ears infected, and Lucy probably has bronchialitis, although at 13months she’s a little old… [Continue reading]

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