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I've gathered all my favourite scrapbooky things on this page. Browse and enjoy!


Photoshop Elements


I use Photoshop Elements to create my scrapbook layouts and organise my digital scrapbooking supplies, check out my review of Photoshop Elements 12.

I have hundreds of tutorials and workshops on how to use Photoshop Elements for digital scrapbooking, so you won't be alone!

Check it out today.

My Memories Suite

So Much MoreWant to jump in a bit less initial outlay and a little less learning curve?

A low price point of just $39.97 (or $29.97 with my coupon below)

Take a look at My Memories Suite Software:

  1. is a scrapbooking specific program
  2. has a built in scrapbook supply store (and you can use other kits too!).
  3. automatically organises your supplies from their store
  4. can link directly to photobook sites, so it's a snap to print your albums
  5. includes a photobook printing coupon

Use coupon code STMMMS99652 to save $10 on My Memories Suite and earn a $10 coupon for the store - $20 value!)

So with the coupon it's just $29.97 with $10 to spend on supplies and a free photobook!

There's several videos about My Memories Suite here so you can see it in action and I'll post my own review in the coming months.

Check it out today.


EyeFi Card

With an Eyefi card, I  save time getting your photos off your camera which will leave you with more time for getting them onto your scrapbook pages.

If I'm out and about taking photos, the next time I turn on my camera at home, all the photos download automatically to my computer, and since they go straight to Flickr (with Family only privacy settings) we can share them on our tablets and computers. My husband loves being able to show people photos of our children without having to bug me about them!

Once the photos are safely stored away, the Eye Fi card can delete them (to save space) or just indicate that they are already uploaded on your camera screen, so you can delete them yourself later and keep on using your card.


Using Rad Lab with Photoshop Elements

For simple and gorgeous photo editing check out Rad Lab. It works perfectly in Photoshop Elements - check out my introductory tutorial to see it in action.

If you purchase through my link you get first access to my RadLab video series so email me to let me know:

Learn Online

Big Picture Classes

Are you looking for:

  • a class that will help you learn Photoshop Elements from the very basics
  • a class that will show you to tools you need to get started
  • a class that will free you to create layouts all on your own, without templates!
  • a class that one that includes 6 mini kits from some of my favourite digital designers
  • a class with 16 videos and comprehensive step by step handouts
Sound interesting?


Why not enroll out my brand new class Digi Scrap from Scratch at Big Picture Classes today!

BPC have a host of other great teachers like Lain Ehmann and of course Stacy Julian.

The Daily Digi

The Daily Digi shares a daily dose of scrapbooking inspiration. Check out their site tutorials and more. For a sample of their best posts, digital scrapbooking tips and more download your free Digital Scrapbooking Manual today.

Special Effect for Photos

SE9-1Renee Pearson shows you how to improve your photos and add effects in the beautiful ebook from Ella Publishing





Simple Scrapper Membership

Community, Courses, Templates and Story Starters. I love the community that is building among the members at Simple Scrapper, I feel like I'm making new scrappy friends who understand me and give me confidence to try something new!


For design principles and paper scrapbooking techniques, I love my Paperclipping membership. Noell Hyman breaks design down into digestible chunks and the membership videos also include an awesome dose of papercrafting goodness too!

Be Inspired

The Digi Show

A weekly digital scrapbooking podcast with Steph of the Daily Digi, Katie the Scrapbook Lady and Peppermint Granberg - plus guests. A great listen every week.

The Paper Clipping Roundtable

Another inspirational podcast about scrapbooking with Noell Hyman and an array of guests including Ali Edwards, Stacy Julian and more.The Paper Clipping Roundtable

Everyday Storyteller

An awesome, inspirational book available in paperback or ebook.


Get the Best Scrapbooking Supplies

The Digi Game

If you love a great deal you will love The Digi Game! This is a great way to get not only 5 kits and a template set each month for a low, low price but also be rewarded with another awesome kit just for subscribing.

I’ve recorded a little video explaining the ins and outs of the Digi Game, what you get for your subscription and a preview of the Story of Every Day life the exclusive collaboration kit.

Now you know what it's all about you can sign up here
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The 5 Tech Tools that You Can Use To Create a Scrapbook Page Today. (HINT: Includes Software that Does Everything You Need, Including Printing a Photobook for Just $29.97)

Digital Scrapbooking Resources

  • Libby Wiers

    Great list which I hope I can find later to go into in more detail on the laptop, which is being cleaned up by Dell Concierge service at the moment so I am not getting my work done. I discovered SuzyQScraps, available at Studio Girls – and really am drawn to her style. Hope to get back to digi lessons once the auditor comes and goes at work next week.

    • Melissa Shanhun

      :) Suzy’s great isn’t she? :)