Fabulous Photos Workshop – Selective Coloring

In this post, Cheryl shares a photograph she made fab using the techniques she learnt in the Fabulous Photos workshop

Have you noticed photographs online that are black and white, yet have one special part of the photo that is in color?

Melissa teaches exactly how easy it is to do in her Fabulous Photos Workshop. I was able to attend the Live Fabulous Photos Online Webinar and she showed us how it's done. So I wanted to share with you how my attempt turned out.

This is my original. I'm a collector of all things old and this is a photo of a few of my jars.

And here's my photo after following Melissa's selective coloring tutorial.  I am so very much loving this image!

You can learn how to do this yourself.  It was much more than just learning how to do it, it was FUN as well!

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  • Kristie Sloan

    That is a beautiful way to do some digital photo editing! It turned out beautiful!