Free Photoshop Elements Brushes: Spray Mists

Looking for free Photoshop Spray Mist Brushes?

Here's a selection of free spraypaint brushes- perfect for adding a dash of "super-quick-drying" spray mist to your digital layouts!

Spray Paint

8 Spray paint brushes for Photoshop

Dirty Spray

8 High Resolution Spray Photoshop Brushes

Spraypaint Brushes

18 High Resolution SprayPaint Photoshop Brushes

Need help installing Brushes?

Check out my post How to add brushes to Photoshop Elements which covers:

  • How to install brushes
  • How to use the preset manager, and
  • How to save a brush set.

See these in action in my video tutorial

Visit Layout a Day for more videos in this series.

Want to learn more about these techniques?

For just $20 you can get access to the recording of my live workshop: Digital Scrapbooking Secrets: Stamping, Misting and More. This hour long workshop includes:

  • Neater painting with selections
  • Learn more misting techniques
  • How to open brushes in Photoshop Elements
  • 3 ways to cut shapes from your paper
  • Create your own brushes
  • Tips for painting a straight line
  • 10 high definition videos
  • A PDF of the workshop slides
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