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Lain Ehmann inspires scrapbookers to capture their stories in a simple and fun manner. Through her blog, podcast, videos, and classes, she shares her unique passion and energy for this amazing hobby of ours. She's also the founder and producer of True Scrap, the galaxy's ONLY live, virtual paper crafting event. You can find out more about her at

I was so thrilled to have Lain join me and enjoyed talking with her about:

Lain's Top Tip for Maintaining Creativity

When we’re stuck creatively is not a question of input. We often think we need more ideas so we go out to Pinterest or we go out to our favorite gallery and look for more inspiration. We have plenty of inspiration and if you are stuck, the problem again is not with your input. It’s processing that input and if you think about it like clutter, when you’re trying to organize your craft room or your child’s room, buying more storage boxes and bins is not going to make you more organized.

You have to do something with the stuff you already have and that’s what I urge people to do when they’re feeling stuck is to stop – don’t go out to another blog, looking for more inspiration. Deal with what you already have. Either go to your scrapbook – your digital products that you have or your physical products you have. Pick just – or your photos. Leaf through until something grabs you and start there. Do not go out and look for more input. Start with what you have and start using that and I think you will kind of block – you will break through that block and you will find that you’ve got plenty of ideas. You just needed to get started.

More about Lain

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What is True Scrap?

  • Inspiration and Education from 15 A-list instructors…
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