Fix my photo!

Do you have a photo that's a little worse for wear? A fading print from the 70s? A grainy 1930s relic?

I can help!

I have 7 years experience in photo restoration and retouching. I can take your photo from damaged and faded to pristine bright!


I can provide a no obligation quote on-site or via email - contact me at

For onsite quotations I take bookings and asses your photo in the spot.

For email quotations, please allow 24hrs for a response and then I'll provide a full quote within 3 working days after receiving your photo.


For your older photo I can provide repairs for the following damage.

  • Tears
  • Scratches and surface damage
  • Worn edges
  • Faded and discooloured images


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I can also retouch photos, editing their contents and overall look to achieve the best possible image.

I can work with prints or digital images.

Some retouching ideas.

  • Turn your overcast skies blue
  • Clean away food from your baby’s face
  • Create a perfect group shot – where everyone is smiling & has their eyes open!
  • Get rid of red eyes
  • Remove blemishes or wrinkles
  • Remove tattoos
  • Repair holes in clothing
  • Smooth skin
Simply email your photo to to see what I can do!