Printable 2012 Calendar for Photoshop Elements + Bonus Gifts workshop

2012 Calendar for Photoshop Elements + BONUS Walkthrough and Gift Ideas

For only $5 receive the 2012 template set, a walkthrough of how to create it and links to other gift making resources!

You will receive 1 layered template plus access to my Digital Gifts Workshop (valued at $20).

Digital Gifts Workshop

I'll teach you how create a custom gifts using Photoshop Elements.

Includes 2012 calendar templates to create the calendar above, plus lots of gift ideas. I’ll be walking through the steps to create some of the other gifts and related gift giving fun!

Think photo collages, canvases, gift boxes, gift card holders, and more.

The workshop includes:

  • Display of photo gifts/hybrid gifts
  • Walkthrough and templates for a 2012 Calendar
  • Tips on creating other gifts with your supplies

Buy the 2012 calendar + Digital Gift Workshop for only $5.00.


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