How can I use the dodge and burn tools?


I’ve been gathering some questions from you – so let’s jump straight in and answer one! One way I use the burn tool is to “ink” the edges of papers that I’ve clipped to a template. For example on this template from The Daily Digi, I’ll use it on the scallops: Before: After burning the edges at […]

Disconnected Files in Photoshop Elements Organizer


Moving Your Files Have you moved any of your files outside of Photoshop Elements Organizer?   Maybe you moved some of your digital supply file folders at a time when you weren’t using Organizer. Organizer won’t automatically recognize the move.  When you next use Organizer, you may get a message that some files were “disconnected”. Here’s […]

Get Your Supplies from Organizer into Editor


  Can I open my files from within Photoshop Elements Organizer and get them into Photoshop Elements Editor? You certainly can and there are several ways to do it. You can select an element from within Organizer and in the panels on the right hand side of your screen, down toward the bottom, you’ll see […]

Creating Tags for Your Digital Supplies


How Do I Begin the Organization Process? You’ll begin by creating tags or keyword tags to organize your digital supplies.  Once this is done, Photoshop Elements Organizer makes it quick and easy to find just the right paper or element to complete your layouts. You should start off small, with maybe just importing a couple […]

Creating Albums in Photoshop Elements Organizer


There are various ways to search for your supplies in Organizer and I’d like to share with you yet another quick and easy way by creating Albums, or Smart Albums.  Follow along and I show you just how to do this and how it works. We’ll create a Smart Album that will contain all our […]

Back Up the Catalog in Photoshop Elements Organizer


Backing Up The Catalog Backing up the catalog in Photoshop Elements Organizer is a very important step in our organization process. Here are the steps to take to do just that. Click on File>Backup Catalog to CD, DVD, or Hard Drive Choose Full Backup (you will see that you need to choose a full backup […]

How to find a needle in a haystack


How can I search for my supplies and what is metadata? I know it sounds really technical, but don’t let the word metadata scare you off.  It is what will be making it easy for you to find your supplies at the click of a button! Photoshop Elements Organizer creates a database of your files, […]

Organizing the Digi Files


Do you have a few months of Digi Files sitting on your desktop? I’m sure you aren’t the only one! I contributed to a post over at the Daily Digi about using and organising the Digi Files This is my process – Download into a TDF## folder in my Digi folder on my PC (The […]

Import your photos or supplies without lifting a finger


You can have Organizer notify you when there are new supplies or photos to be imported. If you are running Photoshop Elements Organizer on a PC, you can easily set up a Watch Folder in Elements Organizer that will actually watch for any new digi supplies or photos you have added since last time you […]

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