Add Memorabilia to a Digital Scrapbook Page

Do you have a little bit of life stuff you want to add to your digital scrapbook pages?

Maybe you were inspired by the episode about memorabilia on the Paperclipping Roundtable, but don't know how you can implement it in the digital realm?
In this workshop I’ll be showing you two ways you can use memorabilia on your digital scrapbook pages.

  • A piece of scanned ephemera
  • A photographed item

Scrapbookgraphics Collaboration Kit Impressions of Honour Fonts Amienne Vintage Press by Fontologie
Delicate Garden Collab between Ziska and Pineapple Plantation Bracket Template by Karen MaggieWhen you purchase the workshop recording, you will also receive a free template to help you complete a page using your memorabilia.

This hour long workshop includes:

  • How to import a page from a PDF file into your layout
  • How to adjust the levels of a black and white drawing
  • How to get your memorabilia to blend into your pages
  • 4 ways to extract an image
  • and a bonus tip on how to rid your house of clutter!!! Yes, really - watch and find out the tip!

Feedback from one participant:

The presentation was excellent, I learnt heaps and the class was a perfect length. It was easy to write notes and the questions were answered well. Thanks Melissa!

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