My favourite digital scrapbooking tool

Do you want to know the secret to selecting a font for my layouts?

I use my own handwriting!

But, how do you get handwriting on a digital layout?

I used to generate a font, and I've been using this for nearly three years on most of my layouts!

It saves me so much time in selecting a font and I always get asked by people if I print out and write on my pages. Of course, I don't, I just installed and used my own font.

Of course, I could do that, but this way I get neat, error-free pages every time!

Why use Your Fonts?

  • Your own handwriting turned into your very own font
  • Make your own "family handwriting history"
  • Create fonts with more than 200 characters - works for languages other than English, or to include a few cute doodles in your fonts!
  • Optionally include your signature and digitally sign your contracts
  • You'll have your very own font within 15 minutes
  • Preview your font for free
  • Make as many fonts as you like
  • Use your fonts on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Personalize your digital scrapbook pages and invitations
  • Use your fonts in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and every program that you own
  • Just $9.95 (plus $5.00 if you upload both template pages) - only purchase if you're satisfied!

What about the quality?

Generated by YourFonts

YourFonts generates a high quality vector based font with curves, unlike other font generating programs.

You can preview your font at any size you like and you ONLY buy when you are happy with it.

Character Sets

YourFonts is the only font service that allows users to generate fonts with extended character sets of over 200 characters. Fonts generated by YourFonts are suitable not only for English, but also for French, German, Spanish, and many other languages.

My Font Creation Tips

How to Draw

For those of you wanting to get the best results from your font, here's a few tips:

  1. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS :) yes, that means you!
  2. Have bold lined paper behind as you write on the template so that you keep all the letters aligned
  3. Don't have big flicks off the end of your letters as it will affect the end look of you finished words (kerning)
  4. Print works best, but I made my italic writing work with the template with a little effort.
  5. Have a few lines of journalling to test out your font
  6. Use a medium tip pen, I find my font is a little too fine at times because of the pen I used
  7. Get family members to fill out forms too!
  8. Enjoy having your neatest writing on your scrapbook pages, letters and more


PS I'm an affiliate for because I love their work

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