Inside my Album: Quotable Quotes and Moments

Each week I share a scrapbook layout to give you a little sneak peek into what I’m scrapping, and inspire you to play with pretty pixels too.

If you've spent any time with children you know that they come up many sweet and funny little sayings. Every so often I scroll through my Facebook timeline and look through my notes to collect a few memorable moments to collect for a page. Here's the page I put together about Emily's quotable quotes at 4 years old.

Layout: Quotable Quotes and Moments

Take a look inside my album to see a layout about quotes from my daughter! #digiscrap #digital #scrapbooking

How to create the look

Take a template from the Simple Scrapper Premium Membership


Clip a selection of papers to the journal cards spots. I used Zoe Pearn Lost and Taken, H Roselli paper.

Create text boxes for the journalling.

Create a title in one of the card spots with text.

Use the color picker to match the font colour with the patterned paper.

Add a couple of favorite embellishments.


I collected the journaling from social media and a 'to scrap' list I keep.

  • Emily is just now realising the baby Prince George is real and lives in England (as opposed to George on Peppa Pig, for example)
  • Emily's shape sorter playdough shapes. Embellished with teddy hair lacky impressions.
  • A rock! This is the best treasure in the whole world (after further enquiry she said she was being a pirate)
  • I have lots of names in my tummy, and when I need one it comes up to my mouth and then out
  • Riley is my best friend
  • Look at all the babies!! (Jasper, Edward and Theo)
  • Emily packing up the jigsaw so Edward won't get it. "He's doesn't understand so he just wrecks it" Me: "He sees it and he wants it, he doesn't have much self-control yet" (convo about how we teach EJ self-control). Emily "Mummy, you know all about self-control, I know all about pirates, and Daniel's friend the tiger, knows all about picnics"

It's less than a year since I created this layout and many of these moments I'd forgotten until I re-read this journaling. How precious to have them preserved now.


Zoe Pearn Lost and Taken, H Roselli paper, Simple Scrapper Template

Care to Share?

I’d love to see what you are working on this week. Do you have a layout or two to share? You can add a picture to the comments below.

Happy Scrapping!


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  • JenFW

    I know scrappers focus on pictures, but the words are great to record now and then, too. My nephews and niece are 20-somethings now, but we have several sayings from their childhood that we often repeat. They love hearing the stories behind those sayings.

    “Bo-wop” was how the youngest said “burp” for a time.
    “It’s a small, small worm” were the words one kid heard instead of “it’s a small, small world.”
    And so on. Good stuff we don’t want to forget!

  • geezee

    I like carrying PL journal cards in my purse for this reason. I always think I will remember, but I don’t.

  • Alice Boll

    I love all the tidbits that she shares, so sweet! I love how you were able to put so many little random stories together to make a page that makes sense!

  • Cara Vincens

    This rocks!! Love how you did this 😀