Move your styles from PSE 8 to 10

Do you use styles or actions in your scrapbooking?

I love the coordinating styles that some with some digital kits, such as Flerg's glitter styles.

When upgrading your version of Photoshop Elements the styles and actions generally need to reinstall them, but I've got a shortcut for those of you upgrading from version 8 or 9.

All you need to do is copy the styles and actions folders into the location appropriate for the new version of Photoshop Elements.

Close Photoshop Elements
In Windows, copy the files from
C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\8.0\Photo Creations\photo effects
C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\10.0\Photo Creations\photo effects


C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\8.0\Photo Creations\layer styles
C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\10.0\Photo Creations\layer styles

Skip any duplicates when prompted.

You'll need to delete or rename the MediaDatabase.db3 from

C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\10.0\Locale\en_us

Then finally open Photoshop Elements again and you'll have all your actions and styles available.

For more on using styles see:

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