Learn easy fixes to common photo problems using Photoshop Elements

Did you know you can use Photoshop Elements to clarify and and brighten your photos in just a few seconds?

Using the levels adjustment in the Guided Edit mode you can fix your dull photos and bring true life colours to your photos. No need for actions, filters apps or gadgets!

Levels adjustments can help clarify your photos in just a few seconds.

Want to make your happy snaps into better photos?

Go from bland to brilliant using just Photoshop Elements.

  • Turn your overcast skies blue
  • Clean away food from your baby's face
  • Create a perfect group shot - where everyone is smiling & has their eyes open!
  • Get rid of red eyes.

I'll teach you how to fix your photos using Photoshop Elements in less than 40 minutes. Learn more today


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  • Charles Sowders

    I notice that you are using Photoshop 6 or 10. I have Photoshop 11 and 13, My question is: How much difference is there in your “how to” version and mine?