How to swap faces in a photo

How many times have you snapped a photo, only to find that there's no one photo where everyone looks good?

Photoshop Element's Photomerge Group Shot helps you combine multiple photos so you can create one photo where everyone is looking their best.

You can download the Step by Step handout here

To recap, the basic steps are:

  1. Open two photos of the group in Photoshop Elements
  2. Click on Enhance - Photomerge - Photomerge Group Shot (In PSE8-10 Click File- New- Photomerge...)
  3. Select the photo with that you want to keep as a base (the one with the most happy faces in it) - drag it up to the right image
  4. Click on the other photo you want to use for the photos
  5. Align the photos using the Align tool (Advanced Options)
  6. Click in the pencil tool and draw over the 'good' face in the photo on the left
  7. If needed erase parts of the face you don't need
  8. Press done when you are happy with the result.

If you would like to learn more photo fixes like this check out Mother's Little Helper. Inside I'll show you how to:

  • Use levels and smart brushes to let the sun shine in
  • Liquify your photo to get suck in that tummy
  • Clarify and retouch fading, scratched photos
  • Add hand tinting with blend modes
  • Take the years off: Heal fine lines and smooth flyaway hair
  • Restore natural color to your photos with adjustment layers




PS If you need an introduction to the basics of Photo Editing, you'll love Photo Editing for Absolute Beginners.

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  • Lynn Shokoples

    Thank you so much! I love watching your videos, they are so helpful! You make everything look so easy! And…a Happy Mothers Day to You!!! :)

    • Melissa Shanhun

      Thanks Lynn! :) I glad you enjoyed it!

  • Loia

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Melissa. I hope Phil and the kids spoil you rotten! Not that you could ever be rotten!! Thanks for the video and for thinking of us on Mother’s Day.

    • Melissa Shanhun

      Aww thanks Loia! :)

  • Janet Trapp

    Does this work in PSE 10? or just a new thing for 12? Thanks so much I can’t tell you how many half way pictures I get with 6 kids ;0) Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    • Melissa Shanhun

      Janet, this feature came in with PSE8 I think :)

      It may be under the File – photomerge

      • Janet Trapp

        Ah ha I found it under File- New- Photomerge… This opens up a whole new option with my photos I never knew I could do… Thanks so much!
        ~God bless~

        • Melissa Shanhun

          Super! I’ll update the post :) thanks for letting me know the details :)