Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Recently I got asked to share my favourite keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop Elements. Here's my top 10!

  1. Ctrl+N Create a new file
  2. Ctrl+S Save your work all the time!
  3. Ctrl+G Create clipping mask, clips your paper to a shape
  4. Ctrl and +  Zoom In (or + on the Numeric Keypad)
  5. Ctrl and  -  Zoom Out (or – on the Numberic Keypad
  6. Ctrl + 0 Fit your whole image on the screen
  7. Hold down space bar - Switches you temporarily to the hand tool to move around in your image
  8. Ctrl+Z Undo your last action
  9. Ctrl+T To transform a layer (resize rotate etc)
  10. Ctrl+Shift+[ Move the selected layer to top of layer stack (great for when your paper vanishes!
What's your favourite shortcut? I'd love to hear in the comments below.

Printable Photoshop ShortcutsFree Printables

I have all the tools plus a selection of my favorite shortcuts here.

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More Shortcuts?

Adobe provides all the shortcuts in its online help. Here's the link for Photoshop Elements keyboard shortcuts

Or if you like your shortcuts in music video form... here's Deke McClelland.Please note, this video is from 2008 and focuses on Photoshop, so if you are frantically trying to learn all 101, there's a few that don't work in Photoshop Elements. Oh, and some language.

BUT it's still a fun watch!

Learn more about keyboard shortcuts

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  • Dori

    Ctrl+J to duplicate a layer and Ctrl-V to paste an element

    • Melissa Shanhun

      Thanks for sharing! :) They are handy ones too

  • Sandie

    Love the video! Thanks for sharing that! But I want to caution people that the keyboard shortcuts in the video are for full Photoshop. Some of them are different in Elements.

    • Melissa Shanhun

      :) It’s a hoot!

      You are right – it’s Photoshop, so there’s about 20 or so that don’t work in PSE. It’s actually a few years old so some of the shortcuts in Photoshop have changed too!

      I’ll just jump in and add a disclaimer now :)

  • rabbitcreekquilter

    I have to say the Ctrl Z is my favorite, but I am still learning most so that will likely change with time. Mercy there are a lot of them to learn aren’t there? If they weren’t such helps I probably wouldn’t give it much thought, but your ABC’s was so good. The newest for me to use several times was Ctrl J, so little by little I use more.

    • Melissa Shanhun

      :) I love Ctrl Z too!! :)